How To Make Me an Admin

 When I start to design your blog I need to be able to access your blog. There is a way to do that without giving me all of your personal info.

Settings wm

When you sign in you will start by going to your settings.

add author wmFrom there you will see an 
add authors option. you will click on that and add tiffanykuehldesigns@gmail.com. Then I will receive an email asking me to become an author. Once I reply to that email you will have to go in and make me an admin.

admin wm

Now you will click to make me an admin. From here I can do anything that I need to do to your blog without ever finding out any of your personal info.

 Now That wasn't to hard was it? 
If you have any questions feel free to comment or email me at tiffanykuehldesigns@gmail.com .

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