Jessica Who?

Yesterday I finished this design for the lovely Jessica
 She wanted something simple, yet playful! I think it turned out amazingly! Make sure you all head over and check her out for yourselves! She is pretty great and MIGHT be hosting a design giveaway in the future!


Blessings, Miracles, & Thoughts in Between

Have you seen this new design yet? 
I love it!
Lindsey contacted me wanting to revamp her blog designs and give it a new name, as they are no longer just three! When she welcomed her beautiful baby boy into the world, her blog name no longer applied. So she came up with a blog name that has meaning and heart and I am absolutely in love! I have followed her since i started blogging and I was so excited when she asked me to do her blog! I think it came out perfectly and love the friendship formed while designing!


Little Becky Homecky

 Her blog is called Little Becky Homecky, but her real name is Katie. Katie contacted me wanting to add a couple of things to her wordpress blog. 
I don't actually do wordpress designs, but if you know how to implement the image I will always do a header, button, and facebook cover like I did for Becky! 

{Blog Header}
{ Facebook cover}
I have to admit, I kind of love how they are all different, yet go together! She was so much fun to work with and I hope you all go and check her out!


Makiea Montgomery Interior Design

I have finished another business blog! I can not tell you how much I am loving working with businesses!
Makiea is an interior designer who is branching out on her own! She is such an amazing woman to work with and I can wait to see her business grow! 
I think the design came out beautifully and it was definitely a team effort! Make sure you all go over and check her out! I can see her business going very far!


The Chirping Moms

Another design is complete!
The Chirping Moms is a blog that is ran by both Courtney and Julie! These girls were so sweet from the start and working with them was SO MUCH fun! Make sure you go and check them out, maybe even follow along to see how they do things! 


Mama To Four

I am back with another design update! 
Today I finished Crystal's blog design for Mama To Four! The design took us a while to do, but I am pretty happy with how it turned out! It is bright and playful, just like it's blogger! 
Make sure you all head over and check it out live! She is also hosting a design giveaway for you to enter!


Sarah McManus Styling/BostonStylista

I am so happy to show you all these designs that I did for Sarah McManus! 
She is a personal stylist in Boston and she is the sweetest thing. She came to me with a general idea of what she wanted. But she needed to it kind of go into two different sites. She now had a blog and a matching website!

 I think that the end product of our work together is beautiful! Make sure you go over to her blog and check her out!!!