Just Stampin with Betty O

I did it! I designed another Typepad blog! Not only that, but it's a scrapbook style design, which I personally am not very good at! lol. However, between Betty and I, it turned out beautifully!
We bought a kit from The Shabby Shoppe and just went from there! 
Make sure you check out Betty's site and follow along. I know she has some great deals going on over at her Stampin' Up site!


Almost There

I am seriously loving all of the clients that I have been working with! 
Today I completed a design for Shannon over at Almost There.
When she cam to me she KNEW her colors that she wanted, and has an idea of what she liked and had attempted on her own. We literally just updated her vision and added a few things. 
I seriously love how simple, yet fun it is!
Make sure you head over and follow along with Shannon! She is a girl living the dream in Jersey, going through so many life changing things right now, and learning to handle it all! I know I'll be following along!


Just Give Me Stamps {A Typepad Design}

Last night I finished the design for the lovely Laurie at Just Give Me Stamps. When she contacted me I was extremely nervous because hers is a typepad blog, and I have only ever designed one other typepad blog. I was super excited at the same time, because she had some amazing ideas!
This is what happened when we married out ideas! I seriously LOVE this design and am so proud of what we accomplished together! I learned a ton at the same time! Because now I am so much more comfortable working with typepad! 
Thank you Laurie for being so amazing to work with!


Forever Young & Fab in the City

 Zuleika contacted me some time ago saying that she was in desperate need of some help. She didn't really know what she wanted, but knew that she needed something! She is an amazing blogger who lives in NYC, so we had to incorporate that into her design. 
I think we did that, and more! She already had the little logo on the upper left corner, and we just changed the colors of it and went from there! I have to admit that I love how vibrant, yet simple this design turned out to be! Make sure you head over and check it out for yourself!


Boogies N Boo-Boos

Yesterday I finally got to transfer the design for Jen
She wanted bright and fun. I am pretty sure we accomplished that! She was a hoot to work with and I am so happy that I got the chance to get to know her! Her personality is seriously awesome and I know I am going to continue to follow her as well!


Sippy Cup Chronicles

Today, I had the pleasure of finishing Jennifer's design! Her original design was a DIY with a sun, clouds and butterflies. It was a cute little garden theme. When she contacted me she wanted to clean it up and make it a little more modern. I seem to recall the word SIMPLE being used. 
I have to say that I LOVE how it turned out! it is so light and airy, and still is just what she mentioned wanting! She was such a joy to work with! Make sure you head over and check her out!