Tina Dean Designs

Have you ever heard of Tina Dean Designs?
If you haven't you should seriously head over now and check her site out! I have seen the button for this sit all over blogland over the past year or so. When she contacted me wanting me to just basically streamline her design I was so incredibly honored that she came to me.
I think it is so simple, yet tasteful!
What do you think?


Blinged & Brilliant

I was contacted a couple of weeks ago by a super sweet girl named Maria. She needed a blog design and needed it fast! So we did a rush order (Did you know that I offer a rush order fee?) and within a few days her new design was complete!
This was her original color pallete. We did veer off of it by just a little. But I love how it came out. She purchased the avatar and we changed how she and her little puppy looked to make it fit Maria a little more. But in the end I truly believe that design matched it's name. It is truly Blinged and Brilliant!


Forever Lovely

I am so excited to finally be posting this blog design on here and adding it to my portfolio. Jennifer and I have been working on it for a while and I am truly in love with the final product.
She wanted something so that her photos took the main stage, and she wanted to incorporate roses. We looked all over but kept coming across these frames sold by Reani Designs. She loved the details of the top right frame, but the flowers of the middle frame. So we married the two! From there on we tried to keep everything pretty simple. 
I have to tell you that I truly love this design and the only word that I keep thinking of to describe it is LOVELY! This design truly came out to suit the personality of it's blogger and what she was looking for!
Make sure that you all head over to Jennifer's blog and check the design out for yourself. While your there just stay a while and get to know her. She is an amazing woman!


The Eclectic Grab Bag

I was recently contacted by Sabrina from The Eclectic Grab Bag saying that she needed a new design and in a hurry! She was going to BlogHer Pro this Thursday and wanted a more streamlined look before she went. So we utilized the rush fee and got her in quickly!  She was really partial to a design that she had done, but it just wasn't quite the way she envisioned it. So we really took the design that she made and just tweaked it.
It was fun and a somewhat learning experience because I haven't ever made a blog design that had a color all throughout. But Sabrina worked with me when I needed a few minutes and she was so easy to talk to! I had a blast working with her and making her already great design into what she really wanted it to be!
Make sure you head over and check out her new design!
Plus, since she was going to BlogHer Pro she needed new business cards that were more coordinated with her design. So she got these as well!
I hope she gets lots of business from these! I am anxiously awaiting her text to see how they come out when she gets them from the printers! 

Ps. If you don't personally have a printer that you love, Moo.com is an amazing place to have them printed! You may spend a little bit more, but the quality is AMAZING! I just got a card in the mail from a client I recently made them for and they are phenomenal! I do know where I will be going to get mine if I ever decide to print some out! Or if you are in Canada there is an amazing printer called The Printing House that does just as amazing, if not better work.  If you go with these two companies you seriously can not go wrong and will have some amazing business cards that you can call your own! Quality is so important when it represents your company!


Violet Imperfection

Haven't heard from me in a while huh? Well have no fear! I have had several projects in the works. As of yesterday I finished a design for the super sweet Leslie!
Working with Leslie was so fun. It was one of those things where we may have started doing one thing and then we would change it and both be on the same page before we even knew what the other was thinking. I love it when I feel like my client and I are in sync with one another. Her design is so fun. I love the twist on chevron that we did along with the colors. It really is fun and it just kind of pops off of the page for you without being overwhelming. 
Make sure you head over and see the design live. While your there say hello! I know she would love to hear from you!!!


The Fowler Family

So, I finished this design a while back, but I have had to wait for the right time to finally add it to my portfolio.
I was contacted by Barbara a few months ago and she wanted a fun place to be able to blog about her family. It was to be a new blog so we would start from scratch. I love it when I am able to give new bloggers a place to express themselves!!!I love everything about this design. She picked some pretty fun colors, but the way they were used makes this blog really soft and welcoming. 
I love this blog design and can't wait to see her posts when she starts to blog on it!


Golden Tresses

Yesterday I transferred the design over that Jennifer and I just finished working on.
To me this design is a fun pop of color! She wanted something simple, professional, yet fun!
What do you think? Did we pull it off?
Make sure you go see it live and say Hello!


Inking from the Heart

Shortly after finishing Erin's blog design I was contacted by Madeline who loved the design and wanted something of her own. She wanted something whimsical, and I would say that is just what she got!
The colors that she picked along with the font and the little mushrooms. It's just perfect! 
Make sure you head over and check her blog out! She was so awesome to work with and I know her blog will be fun!



I am on a roll! I have four projects that I want to finish before Thanksgiving break! As of this morning I have completed two of those four! 
I just finished transferring the GurleeGirrl design to it's new home!
Heather was a prize winner when Crystal from Life As A Seed hosted her giveaway. 
She wanted girly and pink! But not overwhelming! I think we hit that nail on the head! Right before we started she mentioned loving glitter on the text and as an accent so we gave it a shot. I haven't ever done it before and I love it! Such a cute little touch!
Make sure you all head over and check Heather out!


The Doodle Bug Baby Boutique

This week I had the pleasure of completing another BUSINESS design! I love doing personal designs, but when someone trusts me to design for their business it seriously means so very much to me! 
So when Kendall contacted me I was more than thrilled!
 With the branding it package you have the option of getting a landing page. Kendall chose to and I am so happy she did! Here we just did a large logo and links to other places for her. It's simple, and I LOVE it!
Then when you do to her blog you can see about all of her projects and products.
Her package also came with a business card design and stationary template.
I love how those came out too!
 I am so excited to see when she starts posting and to watch her business grow! While I was working with her I saw some of her applique shirts and decided to order a cute turkey one for Sydney and she can wear it on Thanksgiving! i am so excited for it to get here and to show it off! 
I know I will be following her as her business grows! I think you should check her out and do the same!


Sweet Stella's Business Cards

Do you all remember a little while back when I finished a blog design for Sweet Stella's? Well the other day she asked me to do business cards for her as well! I design more than just blogs and I realized that I never post any of that on here! Well, no more! I am going to start changing how things are on here and advertise it all. 
I seriously LOVE her for asking me to do them! and I think they suit her blog and business perfectly!
If you haven't checked out Sweet Stella's, please do so! She is seriously talented!


Stampin' Sunshine

I think I am getting better and better with Typepad designs! 
We finally completed Debbie's design and it looks awesome!
She really just wanted an updated version of her old design as she gets back into blogging for Stampin' Up. 
I think it is clean, simple, and fun. That's just what she told me she wanted! I can't wait to follow along and see what she creates in time!


Busy Becka?

Have you all heard of the FABULOUS Becka from Kiki La'Rue?
Well if you haven't... Where the heck have you been? She is fabulous! you must go visit her store! But as of two days ago, she now has a personal blog too!!! 
Busy Becka has officially launched! It is so exciting because she is such an amazing and hilarious person! UI have loved our facetime chats, emails, and texts! I can't wait to watch her blog and vlog her little butt off! Make sure you head over and check her out! She is seriously fabulous!


Just Stampin with Betty O

I did it! I designed another Typepad blog! Not only that, but it's a scrapbook style design, which I personally am not very good at! lol. However, between Betty and I, it turned out beautifully!
We bought a kit from The Shabby Shoppe and just went from there! 
Make sure you check out Betty's site and follow along. I know she has some great deals going on over at her Stampin' Up site!


Almost There

I am seriously loving all of the clients that I have been working with! 
Today I completed a design for Shannon over at Almost There.
When she cam to me she KNEW her colors that she wanted, and has an idea of what she liked and had attempted on her own. We literally just updated her vision and added a few things. 
I seriously love how simple, yet fun it is!
Make sure you head over and follow along with Shannon! She is a girl living the dream in Jersey, going through so many life changing things right now, and learning to handle it all! I know I'll be following along!


Just Give Me Stamps {A Typepad Design}

Last night I finished the design for the lovely Laurie at Just Give Me Stamps. When she contacted me I was extremely nervous because hers is a typepad blog, and I have only ever designed one other typepad blog. I was super excited at the same time, because she had some amazing ideas!
This is what happened when we married out ideas! I seriously LOVE this design and am so proud of what we accomplished together! I learned a ton at the same time! Because now I am so much more comfortable working with typepad! 
Thank you Laurie for being so amazing to work with!


Forever Young & Fab in the City

 Zuleika contacted me some time ago saying that she was in desperate need of some help. She didn't really know what she wanted, but knew that she needed something! She is an amazing blogger who lives in NYC, so we had to incorporate that into her design. 
I think we did that, and more! She already had the little logo on the upper left corner, and we just changed the colors of it and went from there! I have to admit that I love how vibrant, yet simple this design turned out to be! Make sure you head over and check it out for yourself!


Boogies N Boo-Boos

Yesterday I finally got to transfer the design for Jen
She wanted bright and fun. I am pretty sure we accomplished that! She was a hoot to work with and I am so happy that I got the chance to get to know her! Her personality is seriously awesome and I know I am going to continue to follow her as well!


Sippy Cup Chronicles

Today, I had the pleasure of finishing Jennifer's design! Her original design was a DIY with a sun, clouds and butterflies. It was a cute little garden theme. When she contacted me she wanted to clean it up and make it a little more modern. I seem to recall the word SIMPLE being used. 
I have to say that I LOVE how it turned out! it is so light and airy, and still is just what she mentioned wanting! She was such a joy to work with! Make sure you head over and check her out!


2 Blogs - 1 Design

 A While back I was contacted by Jessica who wanted to have 2 sister blogs designed by me. At Home, Take 2 is a pretty well known blog, and the sister blog (The Coupon Cook) is still in it's infancy. We would be doing the same overall design for both, but with a couple of minor differences from one to the next. 
Her blogs are both pretty amazing, and I think something that every Mom could benefit from. Make sure you head over to her blogs and check them out!


A Birthday Vacation

Hi everyone!
At the end of the day I am officially closing down for most of the week!
If I am currently working on a project with you, then I will do my very best to get as much as I can done before I shut my computer off tonight. But anything I don't finish, will be put on hold until Friday! I will, however still answer any emails that I receive, I just wont be designing. 
My daughter turns three this week and I have family that will be here to celebrate with us. I will resume working on Friday afternoon! I hope you all have a AMAZING week!


Kelli's Krazyness

I have been following Kelli for quite some time on my personal blog. So when she asked me to do her new design I was more than thrilled! I love working with someone that I feel like I have been getting to know for a while through their blog! She wanted simple, bright, and colorful! I think we did just that!
Make sure you head over, check Kelli out, and show her some love!


Life As A Seed {Take 2}

Do you guys remember me doing this design about a month or so ago?
Well yesterday we did a COMPLETE REDESIGN!
What do you think? I LOVE it! She saw Holly's colors and loved them so we used them on her design and I think they look amazing but still so different!


Adventures of Holly

I finished a new design and installed it super early this morning! 
It's super bright and bubbly! What do you think?
I love it! I was a little worried when we were doing it because she lives in New Zealand and I live in the US so the time difference was major. But you wouldn't believe how seamless it was to work with her! Make sure you guys go over and say hello!


Sweet Stella's

I'm so excited to have completed Shannon's blog design today! I have to admit that I was super nervous to do this design because Shannon is an artist and she has her own unique style and I obviously want her blog to reflect HER! When we started to do her design she gave me this sketch of what she imagined.

This is what I was given, and this is what we came up with!
I think it turned out amazingly!!! She was such a fun girl and is so talented! Make sure you go check out her blog! While your at it stop by her Etsy store too!


Building Our Story

A while back Censie won a blog design on a giveaway that Shannon hosted. She wanted to keep with the turtle theme, but add another little turtle for her baby girl coming VERY SOON. 
I have to admit it, I love how this turned out! I am always a little nervous to work with animals in a header or a design. I don't know why, I just am. But I love how these little turtles that we created look. It's such a cute design and I think that it fits Censie perfectly! Make sure you head over and check out her blog. 


Warm & Fuzzy

Today I had the pleasure of adding Lauren's design onto her blog!
She wanted to really just update her current blog design to something a little more modern. I think we pulled it off pretty well! Make sure you head over and check it out!


A Day in the Life

A couple of days ago I finished a design for the lovely Mary at A Day in the Life!
She wanted something fun, colorful, and that really represented her, and her family! I seriously had so much fun working with her and absolutely love how this design came out! I think it is adorable and wouldn't change one thing! 
Make sure you go check out Mary's blog and say hello!


In My Life I Love You More

Yesterday I finished a design for the lovely Rachel!
She wanted something simple and playful, just like her! During the design process and the waiting period I got to know her, and I think we hit it on the dot! I seriously love this girl and her design! Make sure you head over and check it out


Magan's Crafty Corner

Today, I am one proud sister! As of this morning my older sister became what I like to call a mom-treprenuer. Its an amazing an supportive  club!

What is her store name?

What type of product does she sell?
The store currently has QUILLOWS, diaper cakes, diaper wreaths, and {soon} rag quilts! Every item is hand made and unique to the buyer!

What on earth is a quillow?
I willows is a quilt or blanket that folds into a pillow. Here is one she made for our aunt.
You can choose any fabric/pattern that you want! I personally think they are great for kids and will be ordering one for Baby Bear in the future.

She is also going to start making rag quilts! They are gorgeous! But wants to add more to her collection first! If you are interested in having one made with no cost other than the fabric and shipping feel free to email her and she would love to make it!

Like I said earlier! I am super proud of my big sister for taking the plunge and putting herself out there! You can see more details of the items on her site!
Who wants to help me make her GRAND OPENING a huge success?!?!

**Did I mention that I created her logo and helped design her store?!?**