The Sweetest Review

This morning I did the transfer for Stephanie over at Girl Meets Trail. After the transfer was complete she asked me if she could submit a review. A few moments later I recieved her review and it was the sweetest thing ever!!!
"I am a newbie blogger and wanted to make my blog look more professional and appealing. I reviewed several blog designers and was at first hesitant to spend close to $100 on something I wasn't too familiar with and over the internet. Let me tell y'all, from the first time Tiffany e-mailed me all of my worries went away. She is punctual, professional, will change things for you to your exact liking and gives you plenty of blog design options to choose from. I could not be ANY happier with the way my blog turned out! This experience was great, my blog looks amazing and I would recommend working with Tiffany to anyone out there wanting to design an awesome blog!"
 I have to admit that when I complete each and every design the most rewarding part of it all is when they see the new design live on their blog and they are happy and they say those two magical words...THANK YOU. Those two words make it all so much fun! I love knowing that they feel their spot on the web suits them when we are done!


An Update

Hello Everyone!! So as you can see I am currently booking for SEPTEMBER! This is so exciting guys! While I haven't been very good at posting to my portfolio, I have definitely been very busy! So make sure you head over to my portfolio and take a look for new designs!

When you look, some of you may notice that I have a new category on there! I have officially started working with WORDPRESS!!! I had a client a few weeks ago who really wanted me to do her Wordpress design so I decided to go ahead and give it a try. Worst case scenario I just couldn't;t do it right??? Well look at how well Christina's design turned out!!!

As of yesterday I finished working with my second ever Wordpress design. But this one was a ProPhoto Wordpress design. I seriously LOVE how Beverly's design looks now!
As with any new project, it was definitely a learning experience, but I can not believe how professional this design looks in comparison to the other two that we have done for her! A lot of it really has to do with the fact that Wordpress is just such a great platform and for a Photographer ProPhoto just can't be beat!

So for those of you who have come to me for Wordpress designs in the past, I am so sorry I ever said no! To anyone who wants one now as long as your okay with the fact that I am still learning on this platform and you have a self hosted site I would love to work with you!!!