Inking from the Heart

Shortly after finishing Erin's blog design I was contacted by Madeline who loved the design and wanted something of her own. She wanted something whimsical, and I would say that is just what she got!
The colors that she picked along with the font and the little mushrooms. It's just perfect! 
Make sure you head over and check her blog out! She was so awesome to work with and I know her blog will be fun!



I am on a roll! I have four projects that I want to finish before Thanksgiving break! As of this morning I have completed two of those four! 
I just finished transferring the GurleeGirrl design to it's new home!
Heather was a prize winner when Crystal from Life As A Seed hosted her giveaway. 
She wanted girly and pink! But not overwhelming! I think we hit that nail on the head! Right before we started she mentioned loving glitter on the text and as an accent so we gave it a shot. I haven't ever done it before and I love it! Such a cute little touch!
Make sure you all head over and check Heather out!


The Doodle Bug Baby Boutique

This week I had the pleasure of completing another BUSINESS design! I love doing personal designs, but when someone trusts me to design for their business it seriously means so very much to me! 
So when Kendall contacted me I was more than thrilled!
 With the branding it package you have the option of getting a landing page. Kendall chose to and I am so happy she did! Here we just did a large logo and links to other places for her. It's simple, and I LOVE it!
Then when you do to her blog you can see about all of her projects and products.
Her package also came with a business card design and stationary template.
I love how those came out too!
 I am so excited to see when she starts posting and to watch her business grow! While I was working with her I saw some of her applique shirts and decided to order a cute turkey one for Sydney and she can wear it on Thanksgiving! i am so excited for it to get here and to show it off! 
I know I will be following her as her business grows! I think you should check her out and do the same!


Sweet Stella's Business Cards

Do you all remember a little while back when I finished a blog design for Sweet Stella's? Well the other day she asked me to do business cards for her as well! I design more than just blogs and I realized that I never post any of that on here! Well, no more! I am going to start changing how things are on here and advertise it all. 
I seriously LOVE her for asking me to do them! and I think they suit her blog and business perfectly!
If you haven't checked out Sweet Stella's, please do so! She is seriously talented!


Stampin' Sunshine

I think I am getting better and better with Typepad designs! 
We finally completed Debbie's design and it looks awesome!
She really just wanted an updated version of her old design as she gets back into blogging for Stampin' Up. 
I think it is clean, simple, and fun. That's just what she told me she wanted! I can't wait to follow along and see what she creates in time!


Busy Becka?

Have you all heard of the FABULOUS Becka from Kiki La'Rue?
Well if you haven't... Where the heck have you been? She is fabulous! you must go visit her store! But as of two days ago, she now has a personal blog too!!! 
Busy Becka has officially launched! It is so exciting because she is such an amazing and hilarious person! UI have loved our facetime chats, emails, and texts! I can't wait to watch her blog and vlog her little butt off! Make sure you head over and check her out! She is seriously fabulous!