A Happy Little Life

I have, once again, been so awful about updating the blog portion of my site when I complete projects. I swear I will get better at this, but it takes a little time. lol.
A couple of weeks ago I finished a project for a client/friend that I am pretty darn proud of.
When we started she mentioned loving a simple black and white pallet with pops of bright colors. That is exactly what we did and I could not be more in love with how it turned out. And it totally suits her personality too. I LOVE when a blog actually suits the person behind it. It's like your getting a glimpse of them when you look at it. 

So make sure you go over to her blog and check her out. You will not regret it one bit! She is amazing!


Marc Warren's Birthday Board

Not too long ago I did a birthday board for a friend of mine. She posted it on her instagram and I had a couple of other people show interest in getting another one made. Shortly after she posted it Kat showed interest in having one made for her son's birthday pictures and his party as well. I decided to try something a little different and just have fun with this one. You know what? I happen to LOVE how it came out! I can not wait to see how it looks when she prints it!
I have noticed after these two projects just how much I am loving working on printed items! Business cards, invitations, birthday boards, etc... It's all so fun to work on. I hope to have more projects like this in the future.