Tutorials Are Coming Along

I can not believe how many TUTORIALS I have posted today! I have found that I get really caught up in doing it. I only have five more topics that I have already thought of to make tutorials for tomorrow! If anyone has any that they can think of please leave it in a comment or e-mail me at tiffanykuehldesigns@gmail.com

Automatically E-mail Your Posts

Do you have someone who doesn't have a blogger account but you want them to be able to follow you easily? Here is how you will set that up!
First you will start by going to the settings on your blog. If you don't know how to do so please refer to this post and follow the very first portion of that post. 

add emails wm

Now you will look on the side and find the line that says mobile & email.  and then lok for the spot that says add and just type in the addresses you want to add. Then make sure you click the save option on the upper right corner!

This is an awesome thing to do if you have grandparent's who aren't computer savvy but have an e-mail address!

Edit A Post

For whatever reason you may find yourself wanting to go back and edit a post that oyu have already published. Here is how you do it...

posts wm

You will start by logging into your blogger account and on the dashboard you will see the little icon that looks like two pieces of paper. Click on that and a menu will appear. You will click on the word posts and it will take you to a page that shows you every post you have ever done!

edit post wm

Next you will find the post that you want to edit. When you put your mouse on that post a little edit button will appear. You will simply click on that and make whatever changes you make Then got o the top of the post region and click update .

I hope that this tutorial was useful. However, to prevent from having to go back and edit very often I always preview my posts before I publish them.

Link A Word Or Picture To Another Site

Do you want to link a word or picture to another site? If you do and you just aren't sure how to do it this is the tutorial for you!

link wm
You will start by typing your post up. It's easier if you go ahead and get everything ready and then just do the linking last. Now you will highlight whatever you want to link. Once you have it highlighted just click the link button on the top of your post section. Then just add in the address to the website you want it linked to. Always test the link and click the open in new window option. For example. Check out my personal blog!

Now you see how it works!
This blogging thing is getting easier and easier isn't it?

Backdate or Schedule a Post

Sometimes it is really hard to get on the computer and update your blogs. Or maybe you have time and want to go ahead and write a few but don't want them to all show up at once...

All you have to do it backdate or schedule a post! It's easy to do

schedule wmYou will go in and get your post just how you want it. Then before you publish it you will go over to where it says schedule. Once you click on that you will click set date and time. It will give you a little calendar and an area to put the time in. You can go backwards or forwards on these. Once you have it set to publish when you want it published you just click done and then publish your post.

This is one of the most used tutorials that I use as a blogger. I hope this was helpful to you!

Label a Post

Do you want to be able to put a label onto a post so that it automatically goes into a certain category?
Well here is how you do it!

labels wm
You will start by going in to create a new post. Once you have your post exactly how you want it you will go over to the side of the page and look for where it says label. Just simply type the label you want to give it into that spot. Once the label exists it will be right under that box for you to just click on. Now just click done!

See now that wasn't so hard. I use this feature on all of my blogs!

Revoke Admin Priveledges

Now  that your blog is designed you want to revoke admin priveledges?

This tutorial is an easy one!
revoke admin wm

You will go into your settings. Look for the authors like you did to make me an admin. You will sinply click on the ex by my email address and you are done.

See I told you this one would be easy!

How To Make Me an Admin

 When I start to design your blog I need to be able to access your blog. There is a way to do that without giving me all of your personal info.

Settings wm

When you sign in you will start by going to your settings.

add author wmFrom there you will see an 
add authors option. you will click on that and add tiffanykuehldesigns@gmail.com. Then I will receive an email asking me to become an author. Once I reply to that email you will have to go in and make me an admin.

admin wm

Now you will click to make me an admin. From here I can do anything that I need to do to your blog without ever finding out any of your personal info.

 Now That wasn't to hard was it? 
If you have any questions feel free to comment or email me at tiffanykuehldesigns@gmail.com .


WHEW! A Ton Done Today

Oh my goodness! I can not believe that I actually go this much accomplished today. I have finished my TKC blogs and am now about to start updating my facebook page! Yay! I'm sure I'll find one or more small details to add but my pages are now public!