Sloan's First Birthday, And I Helped!!!

I have this amazing friend named Amanda! This friend has the cutest little boy ever names Sloan. Sloan happens to be turning one next month and Amanda contacted me asking me if I would be willing to help her make birthday party invitations.

Honestly this was something that I haven't ever worked on before, but I am always willing to give something a try for a dear friend!!!
Once we finished the invitation she thought that maybe some little signs to frame around the house for the party would be fun too! So we set to work on those as well!
After these were done we thought that a poster size birthday board would be fun!!!
So far the party decorations are coming along! Now it comes to after the party! Who doesn't love coordinated Thank You cards!!! I mean really! 
Okay, I know that I may be a little biased... But I am IN LOVE!!! I wish I could be there because knowing Amanda, and all of this that we created, this party is going to be amazing!!!



I have been awful about posting about my projects as I do them, and I promise to do a little better from now on!

I finished Emily's design a couple of weeks ago and I am just now getting around to posting about it. Emily is such an amazing person. She is a fitness junkie as well as someone who loves to eat yummy food. What a balance right???

When she sent me her questionnaire she had a couple of ideas, but nothing too concrete. After working together for a little while we came up with this lovely little design!
It turned out subtle with a POP of color. I love it! What do you think? Have you hopped on over and started following her yet??? I promise you won't regret it!!!


Business Cards Anyone???

Over the last week or so I have gotten 3 business card orders. Each one couldn't be more different than the one before. But I have seriously LOVED making them!!!

First up we have the order that I did for Jordan at Opal & Violet. She wanted Veritcal business cards that would showcase her blog for a conference that is coming up this week. She ordered these from moo.com with rounded corners and had them laminated in the matte finish. I got ot see a picture of them once they arrived and they are FABULOUS!

Next I worked with Whitley from Simply Whit. She was actually attending the same conference and needed some fabulous business cards to represent herself and her blog as well. We went with the same printing company and made them to match her blog exactly! They are simple with little bits of glitz and glimmer. I love them!

Now my final order this week for business cards was Karen from Karen Loves To Run. We finished her design the other day and she wanted matching business cards. I jumped at the chance to do them and had fun with the design. I'm not sure where she is printing them, but I know that I can't wait to see a picture of the once they are printed!

So within one week I designed three different styles of business cards and I LOVE each of them! Something to keep in mind when looking at these is that there is an eight of an inch bleed around the entire card for printing purposes. So once they are printed some of the background will go away. 

If you are interested in ordering some business cards please feel free to contact me at any time. If you want two sided business cards the price is normally around $40 and you can take them anywhere you want for printing. If you are printing at moo.com  I will need to know in advance as I do use a different template when creating the image. 


Karen Loves To Run

Yesterday I finished another project that I am kind of LOVING. Karen from Karen Loves To Run contacted me a couple of weeks ago and was wanting to rebrand herself COMPLETELY. So that's just what we did. Her  BLOG, TWITTER, and FACEBOOK got all new looks. ( she also ordered business cards, but that will be a post all on it's own tomorrow )
When we started the design all we knew was that Karen wanted a character and she wanted a custom shaped blog. 

Once again we worked with Lauren from HeyHey Designs on the character. She is seriously so amazingly talented and is so good at making customizations for my clients. I LOVE her! I will ALWAYS use her when a client wants a character made. 

As far as the shape goes it kind of came into play once we established a character. I wanted something that still showed off the title AND the character, and this is what we came up with. I have to admit that I kind of love everything about it. We had fun with the fonts, colors, and the pattern. 

Now I am looking forward to following Karen as she blogs about it all! I hope you will too!


The Cave Girl Chronicles

Have you ever had a project that once you started, you literally just couldn't stop until it was done?

Well that's how it was yesterday with Jessica at The Cave Girl Chronicles. To be honest she was two blogs down the list and I was working ahead and sending a few things between emails from my other clients. But she was responding so quickly that working ahead became actually working.

We started her design yesterday afternoon and by the time this morning rolled around we were all done! We were just such a great team!
Everything from the site is so fun to me. The pattern is so subtle but pops out at you at the same time, the colors are just amazing and suit her personality. Then there is that kettleball with the skull and the bow. It plays off of the theme of the blog so well. I just LOVE it!

Jessica was so fun to work with and I hope you will all take a look and say hello! I know I am looking forward to learning a few things from the Cave Girl.


A Slacker | Updates

Okay, So I have been a total slacker at updating the blog portion of my site. I am so sorry for this! But I promise I haven't been slacking all around. If you look at my portfolio you will see that I have still been working. I promise!

So this week I completed two amazing projects! Amanda from Let's Get Bananas had a blogiversary this week, and we got her design done just in time!
Then yesterday I also finished working with Jordan from Opal and Violet.
I am on the verge of some new projects now and can't wait to keep you updated! 


The Sweetest Review

This morning I did the transfer for Stephanie over at Girl Meets Trail. After the transfer was complete she asked me if she could submit a review. A few moments later I recieved her review and it was the sweetest thing ever!!!
"I am a newbie blogger and wanted to make my blog look more professional and appealing. I reviewed several blog designers and was at first hesitant to spend close to $100 on something I wasn't too familiar with and over the internet. Let me tell y'all, from the first time Tiffany e-mailed me all of my worries went away. She is punctual, professional, will change things for you to your exact liking and gives you plenty of blog design options to choose from. I could not be ANY happier with the way my blog turned out! This experience was great, my blog looks amazing and I would recommend working with Tiffany to anyone out there wanting to design an awesome blog!"
 I have to admit that when I complete each and every design the most rewarding part of it all is when they see the new design live on their blog and they are happy and they say those two magical words...THANK YOU. Those two words make it all so much fun! I love knowing that they feel their spot on the web suits them when we are done!


An Update

Hello Everyone!! So as you can see I am currently booking for SEPTEMBER! This is so exciting guys! While I haven't been very good at posting to my portfolio, I have definitely been very busy! So make sure you head over to my portfolio and take a look for new designs!

When you look, some of you may notice that I have a new category on there! I have officially started working with WORDPRESS!!! I had a client a few weeks ago who really wanted me to do her Wordpress design so I decided to go ahead and give it a try. Worst case scenario I just couldn't;t do it right??? Well look at how well Christina's design turned out!!!

As of yesterday I finished working with my second ever Wordpress design. But this one was a ProPhoto Wordpress design. I seriously LOVE how Beverly's design looks now!
As with any new project, it was definitely a learning experience, but I can not believe how professional this design looks in comparison to the other two that we have done for her! A lot of it really has to do with the fact that Wordpress is just such a great platform and for a Photographer ProPhoto just can't be beat!

So for those of you who have come to me for Wordpress designs in the past, I am so sorry I ever said no! To anyone who wants one now as long as your okay with the fact that I am still learning on this platform and you have a self hosted site I would love to work with you!!!


Studio 3130

I just completed a new logo for Heather over at Lawless Life for her new business that will be opening soon. I have to admit that I am completely in love with how cute it turned out!!!

It's so bright and still elegant. From what I can tell that suits Heather's personality perfectly! I can not wait to do more for this project and watch her business grow. Keep an eye out people, it's going to be HUGE! I just know it!


The Kavanaugh Report

I can not even begin to tell you how much I loved working with Nicole from The Kavanaugh Report. She had a true vision from the get go and it was so much fun bringing that vision to life and adding my own little ideas and my own touches to what she had in mind.
She does something called Tot School, so she wanted to use chalkboard in her design and we found a playful way of doing so. There are little chalkboard elements scattered all throughout her blog, and the colors that she picked are just amazing! I love the design that we worked together to come up with and I am so excited to follow her blog now that I know her better!


We Got The Funk!

I have been wanting to do a photo header for a while now and I was so happy when Laura from We Got the Funk contacted me to do her design using one or more photos of her family. I don't do too many blog designs that include photos as part of the header so this design was exciting!
Now that the design is done and on her blog I have to admit that I am completely in love with it! Everything about this blog and design has to do with her family. There is the obvious element that has them in it and that is the header. But the fact that the colors came from a photo that Laura took of Emberlynn in a pajama set is just too freaking adorable to me! 

I have loved working with Laura and am looking forward to being a new follower as well! Make sure you go see it for yourself and stay a while! You won't regret it!


A Little Behind!

I have been working non stop lately and have still been finishing designs, but I have been awful about posting about them or adding them to my portfolio! So this post will be a collaboration of all of the designs I have completed lately!

I know that these aren't as fun to look at as design boards, but I haven't had a chance to make too many of those lately! Hopefully tomorrow I can backtrack and make a few! 


Making Your Blog An App | A New Service!!!

Today I was asked to help a dear friend of mine make her blog into an app. To do this you need to create an icon for your blog so that people can add it directly to their iPhone/iPad/iPod homescreen.
Isn't that so freaking cool?!?! And you wouldn't believe how easy it is to set these up!

1.Make an Icon: It needs to be 129 by 129 pixels. I will happily make this image for you for $5.00.  Just EMAIL me to let me know!

Save your icon as a .png and upload it to photobucket {or however you host your images} to get the image URL. Copy & Paste the URL into this code

<link rel="apple-touch-icon" href="YOUR-IMAGE-URL-HERE"/>

2. Install Code: {Blogger} Go your dashboard in the template section and click “edit HTML”. Use Control + F or Command + F to find </head> in your HTML. Paste your icon code above </head> and hit save
3. Open Safari on your Apple device and go to your blog URL in FULL SITE mode NOT the mobile mode, click on the icon shown below.
4. Hit Add to Home Screen. 
5. Give Your Icon A Name. Keep in mind that if it is a long name it won't all show in one line. 
Now you have the perfect icon that represents your blog on your phone! You can also do this for your favorites to make a sort of reading list. 

I would love to do this for your blog! I will make and install the image for you for $10! Please email me and we will get started!!!


Simply Whit

Can I just say that Whitley has been such a joy to work with?!

The design that we came up with is something totally different from what we originally started with, but I have to admit that I love it now! And the design completely matches her blog name!
It's simple and bright with little bits of glamour! I have to say I am in love with it and I am so excited to watch her blog grow with her new design.

Make sure you all head over and take a look!


From Flab to Fab!

Working with Danielle was so fun!

When I was looking for a graphic for Stephany I found one that I also thought would work perfectly for Danielle! So wouldn't you know it, we bought another image from Lauren at HeyHey designs
Danielle picked such bright and fun colors that no matter what we did, everything seemed to just pop out! I love this fun design! Have you been over yet to check Danielle out?!?


Olive You

Today I had the pleasure of completing a design for Stephany, a close friend of mine, who blogs over at Olive You. I was initially hired just to do a header and we ended up going all out! I can not tell you how happy I am that we did!
The one thing that she knew was that she wanted a character set to represent herself and her adorable little boy. We found the PERFECT image that had a mom and a little boy. The little boy looked almost just like her son. The mom was a little different though. So we contacted Lauren at HeyHey Designs and I am so freaking happy that we did. Lauren was amazing at making a few color changes for us and she added a little baby bump for a minimal fee because Stephany and her husband are expecting baby #2 in October and we wanted the image to really represent her. Lauren does AMAZING work and I will definitely be returning to her any time a customer wants an amazing illustration like this. 

Once we had the illustration the rest just kind of came naturally. Stephany is used to playing around with her designs, so she has a really creative mind and was able to give some great ideas that I quite honestly would not have thought about. 

Stephany is such an amazing woman and I am so happy to have had this opportunity to work closely with her like this! Make sure you head over to Olive You and say hello! You won't regret it!


Daisy | 3 Designs

A little over a month ago Daisy contacted me to do a design. She wanted a new design for her personal blog and she said that my design style was just what she was looking for. So we started the process and got her name onto the waiting list. Then a couple of day later she contacted me and mentioned that she would like for me to design 2 more blogs for her. These two were not my normal style, but I was excited for the challenge!

Our first project completed was her personal blog. I love the way that this one feels!

Next we worked on Paramour Books. This blog was to have more of a gothic feel. I have definitely never designed anything like it before.

The final project was definitely a much softer design. She needed somewhere to post as a writer! This is where Sofia Day's Pen comes in!

I can not believe how fast these designs came together! Daisy was so much fun to work with and I have to admit I am going to miss those emails that we have traded back and forth through ourdays for the last week or so! 


Inspired By My Heart

This design has been a LONG time coming! Tami from Inspired By My Heart contected me several months ago to start a blog design after I designed for someone in her upline.
When we initially discussed her design there was a totally different style in mind. But as we started working I knew eactly what to do! I had a vision in mind and I set out to accomplish it! Everything is so soft an simple, but it is eye catching at the same time. 

What so you think of Tami's design? I can't wait to see the stuff that she creates when she starts posting to it!


You Found Beth

I actually finished this design a couple of weeks ago, lol. But I have been waiting until she had the oppotunity to do her first post before I posted a screenshot. Now that I am doing my posts a little differently I can go ahead and share the design with you without needing to wait! :)

I was excited when Beth from You Found Beth contacted me because she had a cute idea and I loved the deep colors she wanted to use. So when her name came up on the waiting list we went to town on the design and knocked it out in almost record time.

Photography By Beverly | A Remodel

It is definitely the season for remodeling your blog. I was so thrilled when Beverly from Photography By Beverly contacted me to do her design again! This time we went in a totally different direction and made the site have a soft feel to it. The landing page is so simple. Just a soft background with her logo and a few pages that you can't afford not to check out! Then you go to her blog and it is a totally different set up while still sticking with the same theme!

I also got the pleasure of making business cards for her as well! I love making business cards and seeing them once they have been printed!I love knowing that I have helped her promote herself to the world!
Make sure you check out Beverly and her new blog! It is such a total transformation and I know that she is enjoying that "new blog" feeling!

Our Forever

A little over a month ago I received a questionnaire in my inbox when I woke up. This is always an exciting thing to me. So I stopped what I was doing and I just started reading through it and looking at all of the details to see if my design style was along the lines of what the person looking for a blog design wanted.

Then I noticed the URL. It was NATALIE! I have been following Our Forever for such a long time on my personal blog. She is one of those blogs that I have in my favorites on bloglovin so that when I get a chance to read through blogs hers is one of the first I look at. So when I saw her name and url in the questionnaire I was elated! The funy part was that she had no idea that it was me that she sent it to. She had heard about me through another friend that I recently designed for.

Because Shanna Said So | A Makeover

Almost a year ago I had the pleasure os working with Shanna from Because Shanna Said So for the first time. I loved creating her first design and learned alot. She has always been someone who pushes me to do my best.

When she contacted me for a makeover she said that as much as she loved her old design with the chevron, it was time for a change. Something clean and a little more editorial...
I definitely think this is a goal that we accomplished. Everything was so sleek from the colors to the last tiny little details.
Then it came time to do her business cards and I FELL IN LOVE!

Shanna has this way of pushing me to do my best! She puts the pressure on me big time and I love that about her. Plus she inspires me. Blogging has taken her really far in the last year or so! As of last week she is now the US Wallice Ambassador and is leaving tomorrow for LONDON! 

Make sure you head over and let Shanna know how AWESOME she is!!!


Our Journey As Rookie Parents

I was sponsoring a giveaway a while back, and this giveaway lasted for a month. During this month there were two people who literally entered every single day. I was rooting for those two girls and just hoped thatone of them would win. Then when one of them did, and I just kept thinking about the other girl that kept entering. I felt that Amy deserved something for entering every day! So I contacted her and she got her own special deal, and I am so happy that she did!
I loved working with Amy! She wanted a somewhat sports themed design and we went off of some of hr favorite teams for colors. I love that is hs a sporty feel, but isn't overwhelming, and that is also has a feminine touch. 

Why don't you head over and Meet The Rookies?! You won't regret it!


The Sweet Life Of Poella Divine

Amanda was so much fun to work with! All she knew was that she wanted something light, airy, and feminine. We used a lovely quatrefoil in a light color to start. Then we used Miss Fajardose and Open Sans for the fonts. Everything came together so nicely, and I LOVE it. 

Make sure you head over and check it out. Say "Hello!" because you won't regret it!