2 Blogs - 1 Design

 A While back I was contacted by Jessica who wanted to have 2 sister blogs designed by me. At Home, Take 2 is a pretty well known blog, and the sister blog (The Coupon Cook) is still in it's infancy. We would be doing the same overall design for both, but with a couple of minor differences from one to the next. 
Her blogs are both pretty amazing, and I think something that every Mom could benefit from. Make sure you head over to her blogs and check them out!


A Birthday Vacation

Hi everyone!
At the end of the day I am officially closing down for most of the week!
If I am currently working on a project with you, then I will do my very best to get as much as I can done before I shut my computer off tonight. But anything I don't finish, will be put on hold until Friday! I will, however still answer any emails that I receive, I just wont be designing. 
My daughter turns three this week and I have family that will be here to celebrate with us. I will resume working on Friday afternoon! I hope you all have a AMAZING week!


Kelli's Krazyness

I have been following Kelli for quite some time on my personal blog. So when she asked me to do her new design I was more than thrilled! I love working with someone that I feel like I have been getting to know for a while through their blog! She wanted simple, bright, and colorful! I think we did just that!
Make sure you head over, check Kelli out, and show her some love!


Life As A Seed {Take 2}

Do you guys remember me doing this design about a month or so ago?
Well yesterday we did a COMPLETE REDESIGN!
What do you think? I LOVE it! She saw Holly's colors and loved them so we used them on her design and I think they look amazing but still so different!


Adventures of Holly

I finished a new design and installed it super early this morning! 
It's super bright and bubbly! What do you think?
I love it! I was a little worried when we were doing it because she lives in New Zealand and I live in the US so the time difference was major. But you wouldn't believe how seamless it was to work with her! Make sure you guys go over and say hello!


Sweet Stella's

I'm so excited to have completed Shannon's blog design today! I have to admit that I was super nervous to do this design because Shannon is an artist and she has her own unique style and I obviously want her blog to reflect HER! When we started to do her design she gave me this sketch of what she imagined.

This is what I was given, and this is what we came up with!
I think it turned out amazingly!!! She was such a fun girl and is so talented! Make sure you go check out her blog! While your at it stop by her Etsy store too!


Building Our Story

A while back Censie won a blog design on a giveaway that Shannon hosted. She wanted to keep with the turtle theme, but add another little turtle for her baby girl coming VERY SOON. 
I have to admit it, I love how this turned out! I am always a little nervous to work with animals in a header or a design. I don't know why, I just am. But I love how these little turtles that we created look. It's such a cute design and I think that it fits Censie perfectly! Make sure you head over and check out her blog. 


Warm & Fuzzy

Today I had the pleasure of adding Lauren's design onto her blog!
She wanted to really just update her current blog design to something a little more modern. I think we pulled it off pretty well! Make sure you head over and check it out!