3 squeezes

Have you ever started something and then after a while something just hits you and you realize that you suddenly want to do in a whole new direction with your project?

That's how this design went with Whitney! And I can not even begin to tell you how happy I am that this happened. We started the project with one idea that neither of us could really find a design that we both loved by going off of original ideas. Then one day BAM, Whitney sent me an email with a change of heart and all of these amazingly simple ideas that she wanted.
Everything that we chose for her blog is modern and soft, from the fonts to the colors. And they all accent each other in a way that is better than I ever expected! 

Whitney's new design is so soft, simple, and timeless. I LOVE IT!


What Makes Savanah Smile

So... the question for this design seems a bit obvious. What Makes Savanah Smile? Well After working with her for a couple of days I would say that the answer is quite obvious when you look at her new design.
She loves bright and fun colors, and her husband and kitties mean the world to her! She was seriously a blast to work with! I can not wait to follow along and I think you all should head over and do the same!


Turquoise Bohemian

Do you guys remember the giveaway that Jenny from The Sippy Cup Chronicles had going on the whole month on January?

Zoe at Turquoise Bohemian was the winner of this giveaway and we just finished her design last the other night.
When we started the process the main thing that she mentioned was that she loved turquoise, feathers, and arrows. I think we pulled that all together and made it look really nice! What do you think? I have to admit that I kind of LOVE it and am super excited to see her blog grow!


Ideas Inkorporated

This design has been a long time coming! Due to time difference and illness the blog design for Ideas Inkorporated took a little longer than most designs do. But I learned so much doing it!
I have known how to do a custom shaped border on a Blogger blog for a long time. But Ideas Inkorporated is actually a Typepad blog. So almost every little step was a learning process. You all know that those projects are kind of my favorites! I LOVE learning new things when I work, especially since I am self taught! So every knew thing that I learn is huge to me! 
Make sure you head over and check out Catherine and her blog! You will love her!


The Eternal Blog

The Eternal Blog is my newest addition to my portfolio, and I have to admit I am LOVING it!!!
This project was seriously a joint effort with Iona. She had ideas as an artist on what she wanted and I added to them. I would think I was done with something and she would mention adding one little detail to something that just made it pure perfection! I loved working with her and I think the final product is beautiful! It's definitely a little different from a lot of my other projects and I LOVE that about it!

Make sure you all head over and check Iona out for yourself! She is an adorable girl and I know she will go far!



Oh my goodness, I really loved working on this design!!!

Gulnit's design was a two part project. She wanted a landing page and a separate blog design. 
Her project challenged me in so many ways because she wanted things that I hadn't personally ever done before. Because of this project I now know how to create hover images, make a custom search bar, and add a slideshow of recent posts onto a blog design!!!
Her landing page includes the first two elements. Everything looks pretty simple when you first look at the page. But if you mouse over any of the elements everything changes. I am pretty proud of it! 

Next we moved on to the blog.
We stayed rather simple here too! I can't really even take credit for all of this design though. She had the existing header image and we just changed the tagline font to something that we could use all over. Then we made all of the other elements for the design to make it look good.  This is where we added the slideshow element to the blog. Overall I am pretty proud of the design and really enjoyed the teamwork we had going on! Make sure you head over and check out Gulnit's new blog! 

The landing page may be my favorite part!


The Naptown Organizer

A couple of days ago I finished a project with the ever so lovely Jayne from the Naptown Organizer.We started the project a couple of months ago and then they were joined by their beautiful new addition so we took a little break. It's a good thing that we did, because when we came back to work we had a new vision that we loved!
I have to admit that I absolutely LOVE how it turned out as a joint effort between the two of us. We may still have one or two more tweaks to do her design, but I am definitely in love with the over all look and feel of the blog! Make sure you guys go check her blog out live! You will love her!