Daisy | 3 Designs

A little over a month ago Daisy contacted me to do a design. She wanted a new design for her personal blog and she said that my design style was just what she was looking for. So we started the process and got her name onto the waiting list. Then a couple of day later she contacted me and mentioned that she would like for me to design 2 more blogs for her. These two were not my normal style, but I was excited for the challenge!

Our first project completed was her personal blog. I love the way that this one feels!

Next we worked on Paramour Books. This blog was to have more of a gothic feel. I have definitely never designed anything like it before.

The final project was definitely a much softer design. She needed somewhere to post as a writer! This is where Sofia Day's Pen comes in!

I can not believe how fast these designs came together! Daisy was so much fun to work with and I have to admit I am going to miss those emails that we have traded back and forth through ourdays for the last week or so! 


Inspired By My Heart

This design has been a LONG time coming! Tami from Inspired By My Heart contected me several months ago to start a blog design after I designed for someone in her upline.
When we initially discussed her design there was a totally different style in mind. But as we started working I knew eactly what to do! I had a vision in mind and I set out to accomplish it! Everything is so soft an simple, but it is eye catching at the same time. 

What so you think of Tami's design? I can't wait to see the stuff that she creates when she starts posting to it!


You Found Beth

I actually finished this design a couple of weeks ago, lol. But I have been waiting until she had the oppotunity to do her first post before I posted a screenshot. Now that I am doing my posts a little differently I can go ahead and share the design with you without needing to wait! :)

I was excited when Beth from You Found Beth contacted me because she had a cute idea and I loved the deep colors she wanted to use. So when her name came up on the waiting list we went to town on the design and knocked it out in almost record time.

Photography By Beverly | A Remodel

It is definitely the season for remodeling your blog. I was so thrilled when Beverly from Photography By Beverly contacted me to do her design again! This time we went in a totally different direction and made the site have a soft feel to it. The landing page is so simple. Just a soft background with her logo and a few pages that you can't afford not to check out! Then you go to her blog and it is a totally different set up while still sticking with the same theme!

I also got the pleasure of making business cards for her as well! I love making business cards and seeing them once they have been printed!I love knowing that I have helped her promote herself to the world!
Make sure you check out Beverly and her new blog! It is such a total transformation and I know that she is enjoying that "new blog" feeling!

Our Forever

A little over a month ago I received a questionnaire in my inbox when I woke up. This is always an exciting thing to me. So I stopped what I was doing and I just started reading through it and looking at all of the details to see if my design style was along the lines of what the person looking for a blog design wanted.

Then I noticed the URL. It was NATALIE! I have been following Our Forever for such a long time on my personal blog. She is one of those blogs that I have in my favorites on bloglovin so that when I get a chance to read through blogs hers is one of the first I look at. So when I saw her name and url in the questionnaire I was elated! The funy part was that she had no idea that it was me that she sent it to. She had heard about me through another friend that I recently designed for.

Because Shanna Said So | A Makeover

Almost a year ago I had the pleasure os working with Shanna from Because Shanna Said So for the first time. I loved creating her first design and learned alot. She has always been someone who pushes me to do my best.

When she contacted me for a makeover she said that as much as she loved her old design with the chevron, it was time for a change. Something clean and a little more editorial...
I definitely think this is a goal that we accomplished. Everything was so sleek from the colors to the last tiny little details.
Then it came time to do her business cards and I FELL IN LOVE!

Shanna has this way of pushing me to do my best! She puts the pressure on me big time and I love that about her. Plus she inspires me. Blogging has taken her really far in the last year or so! As of last week she is now the US Wallice Ambassador and is leaving tomorrow for LONDON! 

Make sure you head over and let Shanna know how AWESOME she is!!!


Our Journey As Rookie Parents

I was sponsoring a giveaway a while back, and this giveaway lasted for a month. During this month there were two people who literally entered every single day. I was rooting for those two girls and just hoped thatone of them would win. Then when one of them did, and I just kept thinking about the other girl that kept entering. I felt that Amy deserved something for entering every day! So I contacted her and she got her own special deal, and I am so happy that she did!
I loved working with Amy! She wanted a somewhat sports themed design and we went off of some of hr favorite teams for colors. I love that is hs a sporty feel, but isn't overwhelming, and that is also has a feminine touch. 

Why don't you head over and Meet The Rookies?! You won't regret it!


The Sweet Life Of Poella Divine

Amanda was so much fun to work with! All she knew was that she wanted something light, airy, and feminine. We used a lovely quatrefoil in a light color to start. Then we used Miss Fajardose and Open Sans for the fonts. Everything came together so nicely, and I LOVE it. 

Make sure you head over and check it out. Say "Hello!" because you won't regret it!


Life Of A Thirty Something

Meet Tiffany! She lives the Life Of A Thirty Something!

This design was officially completed yesterday, so she should still have that new blog feel. lol. 
I love how it turned out. It's simple, yet bright and bubbly. Everything from the fonts to the colors play together nicely! I am new to following Tiffany's blog, but I am definitely going to stick around for a while and read all about her little family!


Mommy In Heels

Have you checked out Mommy In Heels yet?
Rebecca is this super sweet person that I am so happy that I got to work with. She ddin't have alot of ideas of what she wanted other than the fact that she wante it to be soft, and not too busy. The colors that she picked out from my board were absolutely perfect for what she had in mind.

I have to admit that I love this design and plan on following along with her blog! Make sure you head over and check it out too!