Life Illustrated

Today I added a new blog design to my portfolio. 
Jamie wanted a Simple package with a grab button and 2 social icons added. She was super easy top work with and pretty much knew exactly what she wanted. The whole process took a little over a day and I love the way it turned out. I'll give you a sneak peek here but for the whole design you will have to visit her blog. 
If you would like me to design a blog for you please feel free to email me at tiffanykuehldesigns@gmail.com and we can start your design today!


Lindsey Living

Yesterday I did a Wordpress header for Lindsey
I was really excited from this design from the start. I loved her ideas and she was super fun to work with and was such a sweet girl the whole time. 
I did this header and a button a la carte for her. I really enjoyed doing it and couldn't believe how quickly the whole process was over. She filled out her questionnaire and emailed it to me and the next day we had it done by dinner time! I always look at the designs the next day after I have done them to make sure that they look good. When I did I saw that she had written this post. It was so sweet and made me happier than she will ever realize! 
Keep an eye out for more things being added to my packages and portfolio.


New Items

Hey everyone! 
Thanks to a lovely blogger I know I will soon have new items/ packages in my Packages page!
Keep an eye out for these changes because to me they are exciting!


The Avid Reader Complete

I was so excited to finish this design! 
The entire thing was a learning experience and Kim was so much fun to work with!


The Avid Reader Sneak Peek

A couple of days ago I got an email from someone wanting a blog designed. I was so excited! Then they said that it was on a site called Typepad. I had never heard of this before. Instead of turning her away I told her that I would look into how to do it. On Friday we officially started work and I have loved it!
Everything was a learning experience and I can now say that I can design typepad blogs as well!

Here is a sneak peek of the design!


Simply so Lovely

I finished a header design today and I have to say that I absolutely love it!
Ashley was an amazing person to work with! Once we figured out exactly what she wanted in her design we flew through the process. I loved doing this header and can't wait to do future designs for her!



Happy February 1st everyone! 
I am excited to be able to say that on the first day of this month I have two clients that I am working on at once and just had another client contact me about a potential design! This is the first time that I have ever been able to have multiple names on my waiting list! Much less three names! 
If this is what February has in store for TKC Designs then bring it on! 
I will gladly remain busy!