Business Cards Anyone???

Over the last week or so I have gotten 3 business card orders. Each one couldn't be more different than the one before. But I have seriously LOVED making them!!!

First up we have the order that I did for Jordan at Opal & Violet. She wanted Veritcal business cards that would showcase her blog for a conference that is coming up this week. She ordered these from moo.com with rounded corners and had them laminated in the matte finish. I got ot see a picture of them once they arrived and they are FABULOUS!

Next I worked with Whitley from Simply Whit. She was actually attending the same conference and needed some fabulous business cards to represent herself and her blog as well. We went with the same printing company and made them to match her blog exactly! They are simple with little bits of glitz and glimmer. I love them!

Now my final order this week for business cards was Karen from Karen Loves To Run. We finished her design the other day and she wanted matching business cards. I jumped at the chance to do them and had fun with the design. I'm not sure where she is printing them, but I know that I can't wait to see a picture of the once they are printed!

So within one week I designed three different styles of business cards and I LOVE each of them! Something to keep in mind when looking at these is that there is an eight of an inch bleed around the entire card for printing purposes. So once they are printed some of the background will go away. 

If you are interested in ordering some business cards please feel free to contact me at any time. If you want two sided business cards the price is normally around $40 and you can take them anywhere you want for printing. If you are printing at moo.com  I will need to know in advance as I do use a different template when creating the image. 


Karen Loves To Run

Yesterday I finished another project that I am kind of LOVING. Karen from Karen Loves To Run contacted me a couple of weeks ago and was wanting to rebrand herself COMPLETELY. So that's just what we did. Her  BLOG, TWITTER, and FACEBOOK got all new looks. ( she also ordered business cards, but that will be a post all on it's own tomorrow )
When we started the design all we knew was that Karen wanted a character and she wanted a custom shaped blog. 

Once again we worked with Lauren from HeyHey Designs on the character. She is seriously so amazingly talented and is so good at making customizations for my clients. I LOVE her! I will ALWAYS use her when a client wants a character made. 

As far as the shape goes it kind of came into play once we established a character. I wanted something that still showed off the title AND the character, and this is what we came up with. I have to admit that I kind of love everything about it. We had fun with the fonts, colors, and the pattern. 

Now I am looking forward to following Karen as she blogs about it all! I hope you will too!


The Cave Girl Chronicles

Have you ever had a project that once you started, you literally just couldn't stop until it was done?

Well that's how it was yesterday with Jessica at The Cave Girl Chronicles. To be honest she was two blogs down the list and I was working ahead and sending a few things between emails from my other clients. But she was responding so quickly that working ahead became actually working.

We started her design yesterday afternoon and by the time this morning rolled around we were all done! We were just such a great team!
Everything from the site is so fun to me. The pattern is so subtle but pops out at you at the same time, the colors are just amazing and suit her personality. Then there is that kettleball with the skull and the bow. It plays off of the theme of the blog so well. I just LOVE it!

Jessica was so fun to work with and I hope you will all take a look and say hello! I know I am looking forward to learning a few things from the Cave Girl.


A Slacker | Updates

Okay, So I have been a total slacker at updating the blog portion of my site. I am so sorry for this! But I promise I haven't been slacking all around. If you look at my portfolio you will see that I have still been working. I promise!

So this week I completed two amazing projects! Amanda from Let's Get Bananas had a blogiversary this week, and we got her design done just in time!
Then yesterday I also finished working with Jordan from Opal and Violet.
I am on the verge of some new projects now and can't wait to keep you updated!