I am loving working on Typepad! 
This week I finished a new typepad design for H.D. called WordFlix.
Sehe wanted it to be really deep in colors, and yet pop a little. She also purchased the image of the woman typing to use ad the colors on that image were absolutely perfect for her design! So we just grabbed the colors from there and ran with it! I love how everything turned out on this design and I even got to learn a few new things on Typepad! 
Make sure you head over and check H.D. out!


Chapters Of Our Life

I was so excited when Annie from Chapters Of Our Life contacted me to work on her blog design with her. She has always designed her own blogs, so when she came to me, I considered it to be a HUGE compliment, and I definitely felt the pressure to make it something that she would truly LOVE!
Annie blogs her family, so we made sure that was represented in a really pretty way! When you go to her blog, you feel like you are really getting to know every member, even little gussy (their puppy)! 
I honestly love how subtle it same out with a splash of deep colors and the font combination is amazing to me! Make sure you head over and check out Annie's blog! I know she is now accepting sponsors!!


New Mom & The City

I am running a little behind on updating my portfolio, so over the next couple of days you will be seeing updates on recent designs! 
About a week ago Neha and I finished her design for New Mom & The City.
We kept everything with this design very simple and added minimal touches. We chose easy fonts to read and didn't go over the top on decorating it. I have to admit that even though the colors that we used were pretty deep, the whole thing has a softer look to it. 
I really enjoyed working with her and am so happy to have made her blog suit her personality!


Bitten By The Bug 2

Bitten By The Bug 2 is a joint blog where many crafty designers come together and do weekly challenges using the cricut. From looking at their blog they are all so talented and do things I could only dream of doing in their projects. Susan contacted me recently and mentioned that they needed an updated look for their site. I'm so happy that she did contact me because this project was so fun!
Make sure you head over and check out this blog! If you are a crafty person, it is definitely the place for you!


From Corporate To Domestic

I'm pretty sure that I have mentioned this before, but it is seriously the most rewarding feeling when a blog that you have been personally following for a really long time asks you to do their blog design! When Natalie won a credit and wanted me to do her design I was ecstatic! We worked together as a team and come up with an amazing look for her!
It is so soft, so professional, and yet so FUN! I seriously loved working with her too! I feel like I got to know her even better through this project and I couldn't be happier! Make sure to head on over to From Corporate To Domestic and follow along! Natalie and I just might be hosting a giveaway on there soon!!!