Welcome to all of my new followers! 
There are a ton of you, and I am so excited to have you! A lot of you have come from Kimberly's giveaway! That is such an awesome giveaway and I am so excited to see who wins it! 
I wanted to let you all on on another giveaway though! You have double the opportunity to win a design because the same exact offer is going on over at Absolute Mommy's blog! I hope to see some of you enter over there as well!
Happy Memorial Day everyone! I hope your days are fabulous and sun-filled!


Ashley was such an amazing girl to work with! She came to me with somewhat of an idea that she wanted to work with. It took a little time, but I think the final design came out quite nicely!
She got a simple template with a discount from a referral code! I was so excited to work with her and am happy to know that I have made a new friend in the process!


Baby Shmizz

Yay! I just added a new blog design to my portfolio!
Shannon from Baby Shmizz  was a winner to the giveaway that my dear friend Erin hosted. I was so excited to work with Shannon and she was such a sweet girl! She wanted something a little different from her old design, while keeping with the giraffe theme. 
I think we did a pretty good job of accomplishing what she wanted! Make sure you all head over and check Shannon out! She is such a sweet girl and she actually taught me an easier way to communicate while designing! I am kind of loving her right now!


Sassy Ms. Ginger

I am so excited that I can finally say that I completed the design for Lindsey's blog! I think that after all of our hard work together the design came out pretty great!
Make sure you go over to her blog and check it!



I can finally show you all the design that I did for Amy C! 
She was so fun to work with and I think that her design turned out great! She had a pretty good idea of what she wanted and it was so fun to do! she purchased the All Out package and added a Facebook header. 
This was my first facebook header that I have really done and it turned out pretty great! 
Make sure you head over to Amy's blog and check out the design up close!


The Giveaway Winner

The lovely Erin from The View From 510 announced her giveaway winner this morning!

The winner is....

I can't wait to hear from her and get started on this project together!


The New Referral System

How does the new Referral System work? 
Well, when I do a design for you I will start giving out a code that only belongs to you! When you refer someone, you will give them your code and they will get a discount  of 10% off of any blog design. 
They just have to give me your code!
I have a list going with all of the codes I have given out so far. When someone comes to me with a referral code I will keep up with who it comes from. Then at the end of a certain period of time I have decided I will send a surprise to the person who has sent me the most clients!

I have given codes to a few people. But if I designed your blog and you don't have a code I need you to email me so that you can get one!



I am so excited to be able to say that one of my two projects that I have been working on is complete! I did a new design for Tammy from tammyfantasyland and I am in love with how it turned out!
I have worked with Tammy before and loved doing it again! I think she had a great vision of what she wanted to be and I am so happy to know that she has found a design that she loves!


A New Design For Momma Bear

I am a little late on posting this, but I did a new design a week or so ago for my personal blog! I have been obsessed with a certain color pallet lately and thought I would use it on my design. 
"color roped" pallette - love for designs!!!The color coral
I loved the pallet, but wanted a brighter coral.
I wanted a simple, but playful design and think I hit home with it! The border is a wrap around border and it added that playful element that I was looking for! I can so do many different shapes with the border and it is so fun to play around with that. 

I have two new designs in the making and can't wait to post them!