Living In The Now

In all honesty, this phrase is something that could go for my business plan, or my personal life. It if you have noticed the crickets around here over the last few weeks then you know why I need to apply this plan to my business.

I am definitely guilty of putting things off until I do something else. For example, I tell myself constantly that I will do more posts when I switch platforms. I'll make more tutorials, I will create a following, and I will better my content when I switch platforms and do one last rebrand. 
The thing about waiting is that it is wasting beautiful time. The time and work that goes into rebranding and moving everything is not a small amount of time, and this is something I am planning to do during my spare time between clients. So it could be a few months from now. There is no way that I want the crickets to last that long.

So it is time to learn to live in the now! I need to do a little cleaning with my old posts/tutorials, and I need to work on creating quality content that my past and future clients will find beneficial. If I am completely honest with you, this is new territory for me. I have always put time and effort into the posts that go onto my personal blog, but I haven't ever done very good at focusing on this blog.  Have posts, but I never put to much work into them, and I wouldn't necessarily say that people would benefit from reading each and every one of them.

So as I work on growing/bettering my business, this is something that I have to learn to focus on. If  you have any questions, or know of anything that you would like to see me post about, make sure you email me your questions!