A Day in the Life

A couple of days ago I finished a design for the lovely Mary at A Day in the Life!
She wanted something fun, colorful, and that really represented her, and her family! I seriously had so much fun working with her and absolutely love how this design came out! I think it is adorable and wouldn't change one thing! 
Make sure you go check out Mary's blog and say hello!


In My Life I Love You More

Yesterday I finished a design for the lovely Rachel!
She wanted something simple and playful, just like her! During the design process and the waiting period I got to know her, and I think we hit it on the dot! I seriously love this girl and her design! Make sure you head over and check it out


Magan's Crafty Corner

Today, I am one proud sister! As of this morning my older sister became what I like to call a mom-treprenuer. Its an amazing an supportive  club!

What is her store name?

What type of product does she sell?
The store currently has QUILLOWS, diaper cakes, diaper wreaths, and {soon} rag quilts! Every item is hand made and unique to the buyer!

What on earth is a quillow?
I willows is a quilt or blanket that folds into a pillow. Here is one she made for our aunt.
You can choose any fabric/pattern that you want! I personally think they are great for kids and will be ordering one for Baby Bear in the future.

She is also going to start making rag quilts! They are gorgeous! But wants to add more to her collection first! If you are interested in having one made with no cost other than the fabric and shipping feel free to email her and she would love to make it!

Like I said earlier! I am super proud of my big sister for taking the plunge and putting herself out there! You can see more details of the items on her site!
Who wants to help me make her GRAND OPENING a huge success?!?!

**Did I mention that I created her logo and helped design her store?!?**


Because Shanna Said So

I just finished transferring the design over for Shanna at Because Shanna said so, and I have to admit that I LOVE it!

I think it turned out pretty well! She wanted something that was bright, fun, and suited her personality! I think we did it! Make sure you go check her out!


Being Mom{me}

Today I completed a design for the lovely Rhiannon
I have to admit that I have loved doing this design with her. She was a blast to work with and had such a fun vision for the design. I think it turned out being so pretty and still feminine without using overly girly colors. LOVE IT! Make sure you head over to Being Mom{me} and check Rhiannon out!


Mouse in the Kitchen

I was so excited to be able to work on Laura's blog design! I follow her blog personally and have really gotten to know her. So when i found out that she won a design giveaway and that I would get to work with her, I was ecstatic!
I really love her design, and I hope it matches her just the way that she wanted it to. Make sure you check her out. You will love her!


It's A Vol!

Another really fun project is done!
I have been working with Sarah at It's A Vol! on her design for a little over a week now. She wanted something fun and colorful, but not overwhelmingly busy. I think it turned out great! 
Make sure you go and check her out!


Your Stylist Karen

I was contacted a little while back by Karen who wanted to start a new personal style blog. She had an exact idea of what she wanted, and I think that her ideas for a blog were super cute and it turned out really well!

Her site hasn't officially launched yet, but keep checking back, because I just know that when it does, it will be an amazing blog to follow!