The Purple Clad Jewel

I truly love working with and getting to know each of my clients as much as I can!

When I started working with Kasey I was a little excited, and fairly nervous about how we would do our design because she wanted something with a hand made feel to it.

We set to work and married a few color pallets to make our pallet of many colors, and then we found the perfect piece to use and base the design off of. The Flower wreath! I have always loved these and now that it's in her colors I love it even more!
The more I look at this design, the more I love it! What do you think?

I think the social icons that she purchased ,once the colors were changed, were a perfect accent to the wreath and the ribbon. I love the font combination, and I love everything about it! This may be one of my new favorites!

Make sure you head over and say "Hello!". I am sure Kasey would love to hear from you!


Julie's Japes

Julie's Japes was one of my more recent designs! When Julie contacted me to do her design for her Stampin' Up! blog she had a fairly good idea of what she wanted. Something fun, yet pulled together, and not overly cluttered.
I think in the end everything came together quite nicely. I was even a little sad when we finished because I got used to my little chats with Julie while we were working together. 

But now that we are done I can step back and take a look.  really like how nicely everything turned out and I hope that Julie loves it for a long time to come!


The Journey...

I remember exactly when Lyndi contacted me wanting a blog design. I had just extended my waiting list out a month and was so worried that it would cause me to stop receiving clients. When I nervously made sure the wait time was okay with her she told me that was more than fine because she loved my design style and didn't want to work with anyone else but me. 

I was more than honored, and I was even more excited to work on her project at this point. We kept in touch while she was waiting and she let me know any edits or additions to her questionnaire, along with new design inspirations that she came across. By the way... I LOVE when people do that!!! Then, last week, the time came and we were ready to start her design. 
I love it! Everything from the fun fonts, to the colors that just POP! She was such a pleasure to work with. Then I got the surprise of seeing this post the day of her transfer. It was so sweet!

Make sure you head over to The Journey... and check Lyndi out! Hop over to the little icon with the heart on it and follow her on bloglovin! I know she will love it!


Delightful Organizing

Danielle contacted me a month or so ago and mentioned that she wanted a nice, clean, blog design for her organizing blog. 
I am pretty sure that Delightful Organizing is the perfect name for this blog and blog design! She was a blast to work with, and the funny part about it was when I realized during the transfer that we only live a couple of hours away from each other! SMALL WORLD!


Delightful Serendipity

Carlana's design is so soft and so elegant. When we started the design process all she really know was that she wanted books incorporated one way or another. That honestly made me nervous because I didn't want it to look like there were just books through in and look cheesy. So the moment she was added to the waiting list I started scouring Etsy for something that involved books, but was nice and feminine. When I fond this image on Etsy I was in love and was crossing my fingers that she would be too.
Luckily she loved it just as much as I did! This one image helped determine everything else that went into the design. The font Great Vibes looked great with it so it was a winner, one of our color palletes coordinated with it rather nicely so that helped with that decision, and the background we chose reminded us of the binding of a book and it was so soft and subtle. Everything else just seemed to come so naturally. In the end this is the beauty that we came up with. 

In the end we added another pink and decided not to use the two orange shades. But over all I am in love with this design and how that one image literally determined everything. What do you think? Love it? 

Make sure you head over there and follow along, I know she would love to hear from you!


Love, Lattes & Lullabies

A month or so ago Katie over at Love, Latte's & Lullabies won a simple package blog design on the giveaway that Erin and Sarah were hosting. I had seen Katie's blog a time or two around blog land, so I was pretty happy to get the chance to work with her.
I knew from the moment that I saw the blog name that it should involve some sort of coffee theme. So I found that coffee cup on Etsy, changed the colors, and the rest of the design kind of flowed with it. I love how it turned out. 


Life As A Seed (3rd version)

Crystal over at Life As A Seed is such a a loyal client of mine. Over the last year we have worked on three different designs and I feel that I like each new one better than the last. 
1st design
1st design--remastered
2nd design
I have to admit that this one is absolutely my favorite and it totally suits Crystal and her personality! I am in love with it! 

What do you think?


Magan's Crafty Corner

Some of you may remember a little while back when I did a little bit of branding for the new shop that my amazingly talented older sister was starting. Well now Magan's Crafty Corner has been open for a little while and my younger sister and I thought it was time for her to add a blog to this little store. I already had the logo and knew the fonts and colors. So one morning I set to work and this is what I came up with!
She has learned to make so many amazing things over time. She has some hand made rag quilts for sale on there of different sizes, and she can make a custom order for you as well. Her newest thing are these adorable custom burp cloths. You choose your fabric and she makes them to order. I seriously wish I was pregnant or that my little girl was little enough to use them because they are so cute! But she can make minky blankets as well if you want the burp cloth feel in the blanket size for your little one.
Take my advice... head over and follow Magan's Crafty Corner! You will not regret it because her talent just continues to surprise me, and I know her better than most!


The Cleveland Crew

Before taking a few days off Melisa and I finished her super fun design!
She knew from the start that she just wanted something super bright and fun. Her blog is meant just to journal her life with her family. She just wanted a really fun way to do so. I hope she truly loves how it turned out as she shares her life with us!

Make sure you head over and check out the blog! The Cleveland Crew seems to be a fun group of people!


Living on Love, Buying on Time

Anna was so much fun to work with!

She has had a blog for a while and just decided to get serious about it, and thought a new design would be a good way to start! she wanted something that pops.
Personally I love how the chevron is a nice grey color and it just helps all of the accent colors just POP! 

What do you think? 


Bytes Of Memory

Lindsay won a credit on Natalie's blog giveaway that she hosted a little bit ago. When Lindsey contacted me and gave me her ideas I was pretty excited because she mentioned still wanting to keep in with the "techie" theme a little, but still going in a totally new, a little more feminine direction.
What do you think? 

Did we pull it off? My favorite part is the binary code behind the blog title. It actually says Bytes of Memory in the little cream coding. 

It was such a fun design to do and Lindsay was such a pleasure to work with! Make sure you head over and check her blog out! She is pretty awesome!