Research For Your Design

As a blog designer I love to get new clients. 
I do have a tip for any person who is looking to have a blog designed by someone else. It is always a good idea to do some research on what you would like to have done. 
Here are the things you should look at.

Patterns: It's always a good idea to send link to a couple of your favorite patterns to your designer!

Color: Make sure you fins examples of a few colors that you are in love with and would like on your blog design. A great place to find examples is on Pinterest. I have a pin board set up just for this. 

Fonts: Look around and get examples of some of your favorite fonts. There are so many out there and it always helps the designer to have an idea of what kind of font you like. 

Details: If there are any little details that you have seen on other blogs that inspire you then please feel free to send links to those as well. Most designers will not copy, but will take inspiration from what you have shown. Also if there is a detail you want incorporated into your design you should make sure to let your designer know.

Designers and customers are two different people with different ideas and styles. It's always great to send links of things that you like so that these ideas can easily be merged. You can find inspiration anywhere. Just take a look around. It could be on some of your favorite blogs, pinterest boards, or just random websites you have seen.

So just as a quick tip from a designer to you, always do a little research to see what your ideal blog should look like and it will make the process a lot quicker and more enjoyable for the designer and the customer. 
Have a great day everyone!!!

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