The Doodle Bug Baby Boutique

This week I had the pleasure of completing another BUSINESS design! I love doing personal designs, but when someone trusts me to design for their business it seriously means so very much to me! 
So when Kendall contacted me I was more than thrilled!
 With the branding it package you have the option of getting a landing page. Kendall chose to and I am so happy she did! Here we just did a large logo and links to other places for her. It's simple, and I LOVE it!
Then when you do to her blog you can see about all of her projects and products.
Her package also came with a business card design and stationary template.
I love how those came out too!
 I am so excited to see when she starts posting and to watch her business grow! While I was working with her I saw some of her applique shirts and decided to order a cute turkey one for Sydney and she can wear it on Thanksgiving! i am so excited for it to get here and to show it off! 
I know I will be following her as her business grows! I think you should check her out and do the same!