Oh my goodness, I really loved working on this design!!!

Gulnit's design was a two part project. She wanted a landing page and a separate blog design. 
Her project challenged me in so many ways because she wanted things that I hadn't personally ever done before. Because of this project I now know how to create hover images, make a custom search bar, and add a slideshow of recent posts onto a blog design!!!
Her landing page includes the first two elements. Everything looks pretty simple when you first look at the page. But if you mouse over any of the elements everything changes. I am pretty proud of it! 

Next we moved on to the blog.
We stayed rather simple here too! I can't really even take credit for all of this design though. She had the existing header image and we just changed the tagline font to something that we could use all over. Then we made all of the other elements for the design to make it look good.  This is where we added the slideshow element to the blog. Overall I am pretty proud of the design and really enjoyed the teamwork we had going on! Make sure you head over and check out Gulnit's new blog! 

The landing page may be my favorite part!