An Update

Hello Everyone!! So as you can see I am currently booking for SEPTEMBER! This is so exciting guys! While I haven't been very good at posting to my portfolio, I have definitely been very busy! So make sure you head over to my portfolio and take a look for new designs!

When you look, some of you may notice that I have a new category on there! I have officially started working with WORDPRESS!!! I had a client a few weeks ago who really wanted me to do her Wordpress design so I decided to go ahead and give it a try. Worst case scenario I just couldn't;t do it right??? Well look at how well Christina's design turned out!!!

As of yesterday I finished working with my second ever Wordpress design. But this one was a ProPhoto Wordpress design. I seriously LOVE how Beverly's design looks now!
As with any new project, it was definitely a learning experience, but I can not believe how professional this design looks in comparison to the other two that we have done for her! A lot of it really has to do with the fact that Wordpress is just such a great platform and for a Photographer ProPhoto just can't be beat!

So for those of you who have come to me for Wordpress designs in the past, I am so sorry I ever said no! To anyone who wants one now as long as your okay with the fact that I am still learning on this platform and you have a self hosted site I would love to work with you!!!