Sloan's First Birthday, And I Helped!!!

I have this amazing friend named Amanda! This friend has the cutest little boy ever names Sloan. Sloan happens to be turning one next month and Amanda contacted me asking me if I would be willing to help her make birthday party invitations.

Honestly this was something that I haven't ever worked on before, but I am always willing to give something a try for a dear friend!!!
Once we finished the invitation she thought that maybe some little signs to frame around the house for the party would be fun too! So we set to work on those as well!
After these were done we thought that a poster size birthday board would be fun!!!
So far the party decorations are coming along! Now it comes to after the party! Who doesn't love coordinated Thank You cards!!! I mean really! 
Okay, I know that I may be a little biased... But I am IN LOVE!!! I wish I could be there because knowing Amanda, and all of this that we created, this party is going to be amazing!!!