Forever Lovely

I am so excited to finally be posting this blog design on here and adding it to my portfolio. Jennifer and I have been working on it for a while and I am truly in love with the final product.
She wanted something so that her photos took the main stage, and she wanted to incorporate roses. We looked all over but kept coming across these frames sold by Reani Designs. She loved the details of the top right frame, but the flowers of the middle frame. So we married the two! From there on we tried to keep everything pretty simple. 
I have to tell you that I truly love this design and the only word that I keep thinking of to describe it is LOVELY! This design truly came out to suit the personality of it's blogger and what she was looking for!
Make sure that you all head over to Jennifer's blog and check the design out for yourself. While your there just stay a while and get to know her. She is an amazing woman!