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I have been offering business cards for a long time now, so thats not so new. But there is something very new about the way that I am doing them now!!!

I am so very excited to announce that I now offer PRINTED business cards!!! You read that right! I no longer just offer digital files! Now that I have teamed up with MPixPro, I am have your business cards delivered to your doorstep within 1 WEEK of when I have them designed.

So I know what your next question is... How does this work and what does it cost?

Honestly, the cost isn't that much different. For a double sided business card I charge $40 for the design. But I have those files saved for future printing as well. Then I submit the designs to MPixPro and they print them within 24 to 48 hours. So far on the cards that I have sent they have been printed and shipped within 24 hours. Then they us FedEx next day shipping. So they get there super fast. They charge $20 for 100 cards and $5 for the shipping. You can get higher quantities for lower amounts with the printing as well.

So if you add all of that up you are at $65 for 100 double sided custom business cards printed, and sitting on your doorstep, within a week of ordering them. I can not tell you how awesome this is to me. Then after you use your cards, if you want to reorder you just let me know and I will simply order them and have them shipped to your address for the cost of printing and shipping.

Now since a post isn't any good without pictures... Would you like to see some examples of the designs that I have ordered in the last couple of weeks???

Business Card FrontBusiness Card Back

Elaine's cards were made to match her website. I think they are super cute!

Business Card FrontBusiness Card Back

Jennifer's Cards were made to match her personal facebook banner,
Personal Facebook Banner

and her business facebook banner.
Business Facebook Banner

I loved working with her on all of these. They were so fun to do!

My most recent order was for Cyndy.
Business Card FrontBusiness Card Back

I can not even begin to tell you just how fun all of these have been to make! I love knowing that I am actually making physical items for people rather than just a digital copy. I can not wait to make more!!! 

If you want any business cards ordered just email me and we can get started immediately!!!