City Girl Southern Style | My Newest Design

I have gotten away from posting on the blog when I complete a design. I would really love to start doing them again. So why don't we just start with my most recent design added to my portfolio?!

When Miranda contacted me, she wanted something simple and modern. She didn't want a lot of color. Just some black and white with pops of gold.

City Girl Southern Style | A Custom Blog Design

I have been having a lot of requests for more simple designs with a pop lately, and I LOVE doing those! Something about this design that I love so much is the page bar. I have recently learned how to make a page bar that sticks to the top. No matter how far down you go, it's there. I have done a couple of them now, and they are amazing to me!

Another thing that I am loving about this one is the lines. There is just something about this site that is so clean and so fresh. Plus it looks amazing on my iPad! 

So what is your style? Do you like to have a more simple design? Or are you all about spicing up your site?