My First Local Client!!!

Over the last few years I have had tons of clients, but none of them have been local until now. I have tried to kind of put the word out locally now that I am doing printed goods such as custom business cards, invitations, announcements, etc... But that hasn't ever really gone very far. A couple of days ago our favorite librarian at the Library that we take Sydney to sent me a message asking me if I did Bridal Shower invitations!

I believe my response was a big"ABSOLUTELY!!!". So I had her fill out a form to give me a general idea of what she was wanting, and to tell me a little bit about this shower that the initations were for. The brides colors verbvarious shades of purple, but she wasn't an overly girly person in reality. So we wanted something classic, simple, and sweet. 
I love how these turned out! I came up with a rough idea and ran it by my client. Then we happened to have story time for Sydney, and I had a couple of questions and details that needed to be figured out. So I loaded the images that I needed onto my iPad and took it with me. Once the kids had been read to, and everyone was playing, we figured out the last few details over the iPad. She was able to see the details clearly, and I could visually see her reaction! It was a beautiful thing! It really makes me want to do more consultations with local clients like this! So I am making it a goal to have more of a local clientele with my printed goods once our move is over. 

Now the invitations have been ordered and the delivery was so fast! I still really just love being able to sell something that people get to hold in their hands.

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