Delightful Serendipity

Carlana's design is so soft and so elegant. When we started the design process all she really know was that she wanted books incorporated one way or another. That honestly made me nervous because I didn't want it to look like there were just books through in and look cheesy. So the moment she was added to the waiting list I started scouring Etsy for something that involved books, but was nice and feminine. When I fond this image on Etsy I was in love and was crossing my fingers that she would be too.
Luckily she loved it just as much as I did! This one image helped determine everything else that went into the design. The font Great Vibes looked great with it so it was a winner, one of our color palletes coordinated with it rather nicely so that helped with that decision, and the background we chose reminded us of the binding of a book and it was so soft and subtle. Everything else just seemed to come so naturally. In the end this is the beauty that we came up with. 

In the end we added another pink and decided not to use the two orange shades. But over all I am in love with this design and how that one image literally determined everything. What do you think? Love it? 

Make sure you head over there and follow along, I know she would love to hear from you!