Magan's Crafty Corner

Some of you may remember a little while back when I did a little bit of branding for the new shop that my amazingly talented older sister was starting. Well now Magan's Crafty Corner has been open for a little while and my younger sister and I thought it was time for her to add a blog to this little store. I already had the logo and knew the fonts and colors. So one morning I set to work and this is what I came up with!
She has learned to make so many amazing things over time. She has some hand made rag quilts for sale on there of different sizes, and she can make a custom order for you as well. Her newest thing are these adorable custom burp cloths. You choose your fabric and she makes them to order. I seriously wish I was pregnant or that my little girl was little enough to use them because they are so cute! But she can make minky blankets as well if you want the burp cloth feel in the blanket size for your little one.
Take my advice... head over and follow Magan's Crafty Corner! You will not regret it because her talent just continues to surprise me, and I know her better than most!