Because Shanna Said So | A Makeover

Almost a year ago I had the pleasure os working with Shanna from Because Shanna Said So for the first time. I loved creating her first design and learned alot. She has always been someone who pushes me to do my best.

When she contacted me for a makeover she said that as much as she loved her old design with the chevron, it was time for a change. Something clean and a little more editorial...
I definitely think this is a goal that we accomplished. Everything was so sleek from the colors to the last tiny little details.
Then it came time to do her business cards and I FELL IN LOVE!

Shanna has this way of pushing me to do my best! She puts the pressure on me big time and I love that about her. Plus she inspires me. Blogging has taken her really far in the last year or so! As of last week she is now the US Wallice Ambassador and is leaving tomorrow for LONDON! 

Make sure you head over and let Shanna know how AWESOME she is!!!