Daisy | 3 Designs

A little over a month ago Daisy contacted me to do a design. She wanted a new design for her personal blog and she said that my design style was just what she was looking for. So we started the process and got her name onto the waiting list. Then a couple of day later she contacted me and mentioned that she would like for me to design 2 more blogs for her. These two were not my normal style, but I was excited for the challenge!

Our first project completed was her personal blog. I love the way that this one feels!

Next we worked on Paramour Books. This blog was to have more of a gothic feel. I have definitely never designed anything like it before.

The final project was definitely a much softer design. She needed somewhere to post as a writer! This is where Sofia Day's Pen comes in!

I can not believe how fast these designs came together! Daisy was so much fun to work with and I have to admit I am going to miss those emails that we have traded back and forth through ourdays for the last week or so!